Universal Law

April 26, 2017

"The Universal Law, or living Spirit, is unlimited. This force is within you. Therefore, what you are is also unlimited.


The Universal Law is impartial and unemotional. It cannot discriminate. It will willingly give you anything you believe in.


You are not your body or your emotions or your mind. You area part of the Living Spirit,  learning. No matter what your circumstances, the Universal Law can be called upon at any time because it is the real you.


Whatever you create for yourself by understanding the mystical, metaphysical aspects of the Universal Law is yours, because you created it, you deserve it.


Miracles are not gifts from God, they are a part of what you are, which is God. Yes, you have a God Force within you.


Finally, the Universal Law is in balance and harmony by its very nature. And so, as you set out on your "action plan," you will not be able to infringe on others. Whatever you create will have to be for yourself. You cannot will the Universal Law on to others, saying, "I want this to happen to my friend." This would be infringing, because, not knowing the nature of your friend’s heroic life plan, you are not entitled to change it or in any way alter what he is going through at this time. He has to experience life for himself, as he also has unlimited power within him, and a part of his growth pattern is discovering that fact."

(From Stuart Wilde, Miracles Novel)







Windy Sky

#blessingsandabundance to you always

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April 26, 2017

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